Flint Creek.

Just a few miles from where I grew up.

The bridge is called Stanley.

There isn’t a spectacular view.

“The Great Stanley Bridge” is really just a former railroad trestle

It is hard to romanticize a place, when you know that on the other side of the trees, are just muddy fields full of cabbages.

But it’s a nice, peaceful spot, away from any roads, accessible only by a walking path, down an old railway bed.

These little country railways didn’t have high embankments, and sometimes run through cuts, so you’re often walking a bit below the level of the fields — the trees and shrubs along it make a green tunnel, that’s pretty shady and pleasant on hot days, and out of the wind on cold days.



Same scene, a week later, and a bit later in the day



Finger Lakes, FLX, hiking, NY, photography, Upstate New York

Pictures of Upstate New York in October. Flint Creek


12 thoughts on “Pictures of Upstate New York in October. Flint Creek

  1. Thank you, Mr. K., it’s a nice quiet spot.
    I’m still in South America, just going through some pictures of fall back home.
    They could have gone with “Stan the Span” but there was a little sign saying “The Great Stanley Bridge” – – it’s really just an old railroad trestle near the hamlet of Stanley, NY. I think maybe that guy came through, looking for Dr. Livingstone?


  2. That last photo is an absolute stunner. It has a painterly feel. I can well imagine it as about a wall-sized canvas. I’ve never had any desire to visit New York state, but I’ve never paid much attention to anything outside Manhattan. The more I see, the more attractive it seems.

    The black and white of the bridge is appealing, too. Is that Stanley at the other end?


    • So glad you liked the picture. Nope, that’s not Stanley 🙂 The bridge is called “The Great Stanley Bridge,” but it’s just an old railroad bridge out in the middle of cabbage fields and pastures. Stanley, NY used to be a junction where five railways came together, mostly hauling apples south, and coal from Pennsylvania north to Lake Ontario.
      And New York State is great! Lots of interesting places and weird people.

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  3. I like the soft, dreamlike quality of the fourth image. I lived in Syracuse as a child, but never got out near the Finger Lakes or Western New York (looking at the map, I am assuming that’s the general neighborhood here). I’ve wanted to but just haven’t yet.


    • Yes, I grew up about halfway between Syracuse and Rochester, near Geneva. The south end of the Finger Lakes is where most people take photos – lots of waterfalls and little glens.
      I just ran across your site and am really enjoying your photographs.


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