This is not a particularly colorful shot, but I just like this stretch of the creek,

I guess in part, because this is the farthest upstream I’ve been.

So your imagination can create whatever it wants, past that bend.

(Pretty sure it’s just cow pastures, but still…when the picture was taken, I didn’t anticipate posting it from South America, so who knows what’s up around the bend.)

“It’s easy to go around the bend, but hard to see around the corner.”




Finger Lakes, FLX, hiking, Ithaca, Upstate New York

Pictures of Upstate New York. Fall Creek, November


6 thoughts on “Pictures of Upstate New York. Fall Creek, November

  1. I like that top photo. The light lends it a certain English landscape aura: Turner or Constable, perhaps. And the red leaves are unusual. They don’t look like our sumac, but I only know two varieties. Of course, they could be something else entirely.

    Speaking of art, and other sorts of artistic endeavor, did you know that Homer Laughlin drew on your area for shape names for some of his turn-of-the-19th-century china? I was a fairly enthusiastic (read: obsessive) buyer and seller of Laughlin china for a time, and some of my favorite shapes were Seneca and Hudson. He also produced Niagara and Genessee, which came a little later — around the 1920s, I’d say.

    It’s interesting that so many New York names were chosen by a West Virginia pottery. Perhaps it was a way of implying elegance.

    • I have an aunt who is crazy for Fiesta plates, makes a nice cheerful display, but I never connected it with Homer Laughlin, until I just looked him up. And also didn’t know about him using the NYS names, that’s great, so thank you! I like the idea that these place names imply elegance.
      I don’t know what that shrub was — the creek, on its way to Cayuga Lake, goes into the “Cornell Plantations” which has a sprawling arboretum, and a lot of unusual trees. The picture of the woods was taken from a little suspension bridge there.

    • In the summertime, the water warms up, it’s pretty shallow. Downstream is a little concrete dam, where I once ripped out the seats of my shorts, sliding down the sluiceway. I can look for those shorts if you want, a perfect item for your new fashion blog!

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