Upon reflection, as they say…

I’d prepared an angry political diatribe after the election, but decided, upon reflection, to post a pretty postcard from my home, New York, instead.

The Botanic Gardens are part of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and until a recent PC name-change, were called “Cornell Plantations”.

Despite hearing his name all my life, I don’t know much about Ezra Cornell, but he seems like a pretty stand-up guy.

A “self-made man,” he started out as a humble carpenter.  Then a traveling plow salesman (on foot!  I guess he’d never get lost, he could just follow the furrow home), went on to help found Western Union and Cornell University, and was a generous philanthropist.  Kicked out of his church when he married for love, a woman from “outside of the faith”.

While not an abolitionist, he was a Republican politician, at a time when that party was opposed to slavery and oppression.

This photo is not retouched.  It looks a bit like the way I pictured Heaven, when I was a little kid, or at least, heaven for some well-mannered denomination, maybe one that doesn’t cast out people like Ezra Cornell, for marrying a Methodist!

I guess, if you’d been really good, there’d be a golf course, too.

And maybe an ice cream stand.

Otherwise, a pretty heavenly spot.

Cornell Plantations





Lucifer Falls, Enfield Creek, Treman State Park, a few miles from town.







Enfield Creekdsc00129


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Pictures of Upstate New York. Arboretum at Cornell Botanic Gardens & Enfield Creek, Treman State Park


7 thoughts on “Pictures of Upstate New York. Arboretum at Cornell Botanic Gardens & Enfield Creek, Treman State Park

  1. Did you know that Iowa has a Cornell College? It does, and it’s in (drum roll, please) Mount Vernon. I’m pretty sure their leaves are pretty this time of year, but I can guarantee you that there aren’t any splendid waterfalls, Aboretum, or Botanic Gardens. On the other hand, the founder, William Wesley Cornell, was a relative of your Ezra Cornell. I didn’t know that five minutes ago, but now I do.

    What a beautiful place this is. I have a friend who’s been posting photos of Innisfree Garden in Millbrook: another wonderful New York site. But I have to ask — how did Lucifer Falls get into such a heavenly location?

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    • I did not know there’s another Cornell! and a relative, too!

      Don’t know why it’s Lucifer Falls, I guess it’s kind of in the Styx, and there’s an old gristmill upstream, it might have heard it was dammed, and it was all downstream from there?


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    • Hi Obi Wan K – I like the image of Ezra as a traveling plow salesman, laying down a cool groove, and then movin’ on down the road.
      I wrote a long angry diatribe about the election and the state of America. Then I thought about Abraham Lincoln, one of my heroes, writing angry letters to his critics, which he then shoved into a top hat on his desk, and never mailed. So I posted a pretty picture instead. Then it occurred to me, that this peaceful man also directed us through years of civil war, and sometimes you cannot evade conflict and confrontation with evil-doers. So I’m going to post my un-pretty opinions soon

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      • What with the Brexit vote in the UK and the presidential one in the USA, this has been a pretty poor year for democracy. It’s a system that’s only going to work in the long term if properly informed people make sensible decisions based on facts. There han’t beeen much of that in evidence, sadly.

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