12 thoughts on “Pictures of Upstate New York. Finger Lakes Forest in February

  1. Hey! Down there at the bottom… those are awfully pretty leaves. Could they be… Do I hear someone murmuring?

    The intricacy of ice is amazing. So’s the power of suggestion, for that matter. After sitting here looking at your photos for a while, I got cold and put on a sweater. The waterfalls are favorites, but the next to last ice photo is remarkable for its resemblance to a leaf. That toothy left side looks awfully maple-ish.

    • Yes! added that hemlock sprig by special request from Texas. You can see the needles are flatter than pine needles. I really like hemlocks, but cannot claim I’ve actually heard any voices and would probably run if they started whispering to me.
      That tree was healthy – -the day I took those shots, was kind of worrisome, because 1/4 of the trees were now tagged by the forestry guys, as infested with a destructive pest, the wooly adelgid, some sort of Japanese aphid. Pennsylvania is releasing black lady bugs to try to control them, I haven’t heard what my state or the feds (this is a federal forest) are doing. I’ll turn out to scrub them off with a toothbrush if that will help.
      I didn’t see the maple leaf, but now I do, thanks!

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