9 thoughts on “Constructive Activities for Today’s Youth on a rainy Sunday ~~ “Fun with Fonts & Typefaces”

    • Thank you. Yes, I’ve seen a lot of interesting fonts & styles in your creations. We were taught to write with the D’Nealian method, which I think has been discontinued in many schools, and certainly doesn’t produce beautiful writing. So maybe calligraphy practice on the next rainy Sunday

    • Thank you, no, I’d never heard of Helvetica, I read about it on IMDB and sounds really interesting. As soon as you take an interest in any little thing, all the data and opinions and pathways seem to explode in number, so many things to read and think about!
      A couple of years ago I was in the J.P.Morgan Library in NYC, and I admired the books on display, but it didn’t really hook me. Now I’d like to get back there and look more closely. They’ve got a big Emily Dickinson exhibit right now by the way.

      • Believe it or not, I have fond memories of the old Morgan mansion at 231 Madison Avenue. Pierpont Morgan bought it for his son, Jack. Now, of course, it’s part of the library complex.

        But back in the 1970s and early 1980s, the Lutheran Church owned it and used it as administrative offices. I had a few occasions to visit on business, and, later, I still visited one of my friends who worked there. The church kept up the exterior and maintained the interior with some semblance of historical accuracy, and it was great fun to mount the grand staircase to — an office!

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