The Spanish-American War provided another opportunity for reconciliation between Civil War vets. “Fighting Joe” Wheeler, the Confederate general, later commanded the U.S. cavalry fighting in Cuba. (Although while watching the Spanish troops retreat, he forgot himself and yelled “Let’s go, boys! We’ve got the damn Yankees on the run!”)


An odd juxtaposition — a solemn admonition “Lest we forget” with pretty women in uniform.


I count 46 stars, so 1908-1912. Until the Spanish-American War, soldiers wore blue wool, winter or summer, and even after khaki was adopted, the blue survived as the dress uniform. I thought this hat was fanciful, but other than the gaudy gold trim, it’s actually the correct style of dress cap for that era.


1908. Horrifyingly indiscreet, but at least the young lady isn’t revealing any ankle.


In the 1890’s, this became a day for hugely popular bicycle races, followed in 1911 by the Indy 500. It’s a neat poster, but again, it seems like a strange partnering of soldiers, aged vets, and bicyclists. Library of Congress


This one puzzles me — has he enlisted to escape his formidable-looking wife? Or was he shooting at that hat by mistake, hoping to have pheasant for dinner?

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Memorial Day Postcards IV ~ ~ ~ A Bit Less Serious


7 thoughts on “Memorial Day Postcards IV ~ ~ ~ A Bit Less Serious

  1. I didn’t know that Memorial Day had become a favourite day for bicycle races. Thanks for that info.
    I really like the first postcard: so cute!
    Have a great weekend,

    • Thank you, Pit, I hope you have a great weekend, too. Looks like a wet holiday here, but unless it’s a monsoon, we’ll parade anyway. Last year, we had a couple of folks in the parade with those old-time, high wheel “penny-farthing” bikes, they look fun but a bit difficult to get on and off them!

  2. You’re welcome, Robert. Today and tomorrow it’s overcast here, and from Dunday on we have good chances of rain. Despite the parade I hope that they’ll materialize as we (still) need rain badly.
    Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget the umbrella,

  3. P.S.: I like those penny-farthing bicycles – but only to look at. I wouldn’t dare to ride one, though. I usually see them once a year at the LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour out of the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall/TX.

  4. When I was going through the family postcards, I was a little surprised and not a little amused by the “scandalous” cards that were included. The funniest one of all has a guy sitting at a knee desk, penning a letter. The caption is, “To my fluffy ruffles.” I can’t even imagine.

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