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Oxidation Exhilaration


11 thoughts on “Oxidation Exhilaration

    • I’m not a car buff, really, but car shows seem to have increasing numbers of “shabbies”.
      I guess there are more collectors who like things un-restored, or who even celebrate kind of a hillbilly rust-and-improvisation thang, like these shabby-but-cool taillights.

  1. “Thang”? That’s interesting. When I come across that word, I don’t think hillbilly, I think 1970s Oakland flats — as urban as it gets. Tom Wolfe did a great job of immortalizing the word in his book, Mau-mauing the Flak Catchers.

    Shabby-chic was quite a thing among women for a time. As you suggest, this may be the car-buff’s equivalent. I’ve looked and looked at the photo, and still can’t get past the sense that it’s of a train, not a car.

    • I’m a little fuzzy on the model, but I think this was a ’40’s-’50’s Chevy panel truck, almost 100% covered in rust. I do remember, there was a skeleton behind the wheel, and the hood ornament was making a rude gesture. Some of these older cars definitely had streamliner locomotive styling.
      I know who Tom Wolfe was, but haven’t read him yet, other than “Bonfire of the Vanities” which had a story-line and setting that don’t interest me, but was very well-written. And I kind of like the white suit and saddle shoes look.

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