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another brick in the wall


4 thoughts on “another brick in the wall

  1. So… do they have instruments laying about so you can pick them up and have bragging rights about playing at the Hall? That’s pretty cool, if true. I still have a little grudge against the Hall, and will have until they let Steppenwolf in. Journey? but no Steppenwolf? People!

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    • They have classes there and I guess musical boot camps, and we heard some really good music from high school kids. As soon as you look at the list of inductees, and see Abba next to AC/DC, you know it’s going to be tough to select, that’s quite a range of music. BeeGees got in ahead of Chicago?? Even great musicians like B.B. King, Al Green, Billie Holiday (under “Early Influences”) don’t seem like R&R, they could have a R&B/Soul hall, a Jazz Hall — maybe this should be called “Popular Music Hall of Fame” but that doesn’t have the same ring. But anyway a fun place to visit for sure!


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