Old Fort Niagara – view from the Canadian side of the river






Canada, Ontario, Quebec

Hidey Ho, Neighbor! Happy 150th Canada Day / Fête du Canada / Dominion Day / Le Jour de la Confédération


4 thoughts on “Hidey Ho, Neighbor! Happy 150th Canada Day / Fête du Canada / Dominion Day / Le Jour de la Confédération

  1. That second photo seems familiar: an art gallery, perhaps? The first is familiar, too. I think it must have been in your “rooftops” post. The last one tickled me. It’s the future, on the march. I see the nod to native cultures, and whether it is or not, the little church reminded me of the Ukrainian heritage (the dome, probably). But those dudes in the red and black? Whoever they are, they don’t look very sociable.

    • The first photo is of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa: Senate, House of Commons, and Library. The second is the Museum of History, just across the river, in Hull, Quebec, and it may look familiar, because the architect also did the Smithsonian’s Nat’l Museum of the American Indian, with the same wavy walls. It is an amazing museum, one giant floor is a life-sized “walk through history”, and the first time I visited, as a kid, it was like a fantastic dreamscape of ships, a square in old Quebec City, a Ukrainian church (funny you mentioned that), etc.
      The somewhat scary-looking gentlemen were a First Nations delegation in an old painting, and looked like a pretty formidable set of negotiators.
      The old church by the water is near the St. Lawrence. And the kids made me laugh, at the Montreal Botanical Garden, they buzzed around so much like bees.
      I’ve visited eastern Canada a lot, it’s closer to my hometown than NYC, but have only spent a few hours in Vancouver, and need to get out there to British Columbia, and Banff, Calgary, Labrador, and, ok, there’s quite a list!

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