Autumn, Finger Lakes, FLX, Halloween, photography, Upstate New York

Pictures of Upstate New York. October. A walk in the woods on All Hallows’ Eve.


23 thoughts on “Pictures of Upstate New York. October. A walk in the woods on All Hallows’ Eve.

        • I don’t know his bio but I do seem to recall he was a pretty unattractive brand of crazy, but there were effective ghoul stories set in old New England, unless I’m thinking of the wrong stories, it’s been a few years

        • Interesting. I’ve read a couple of his books, and like his non-horror short stories but haven’t seen “It”, only King’s old ones on DVDs. After “Misery” and the Kathy Bates Motel scenes, I figured out I’m just too chicken to see the really scary stuff.

      • They were really big back in the 70s, especially on the western bluegrass circuit. I heard them for the first time at Telluride, and then again in Salt Lake City. Their early album titled “Hot Rize” is good all the way through.

    • Thank you for the “reblog,” Douglas. I did some Halloween-themed entries, purely on an impulse, it was kind of fun. You might check out an excellent artist-blogger named Elizabeth Daggar dba “electrofork The Museum” who recently posted wonderful photos of some very macabre pumpkins,

      • Hello Robert! Thanks for the reminder to visit Elizabeth’s blog. I’m signed up but lost track of her posts. Headed over and you are right the pumpkin post is a good one! Also I liked the blue on your post…. put me in a Halloween state of mind. Spooked, Douglas! Thx for the visit

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