You know when you’ve reached the point of post-Thanksgiving saturation.

Walking near a beaver pond, and seeing turkey noodle soup.

And what looks like one stray cranberry.

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Pictures of Upstate New York. Turkey Noodle Soup


20 thoughts on “Pictures of Upstate New York. Turkey Noodle Soup

  1. pinklightsabre says:

    Great texture/lines, interest in that photo Robert. I see pencils! I like the red berry off to the side with the green muck there.

    • There were rafts of these things all around the pond. Turkey soup seems like a stretch, but that’s what popped into my head.
      Pencils seem more likely, a poignant picture of an art class outing, gone tragically astray.
      Don’t know what the red berry is – maybe the one stray cranberry that missed when some kid flipped theirs into the butternut soup.
      And it’s not green muck, if you please, it’s duckweed –as we work our way down the food chain, we’ll probably be reduced to eating that muck pretty soon.

  2. Would the beavers have cut up the sticks (or reeds, which they seem to resemble)? I couldn’t figure out what seemed so odd about them, until I realized they’re almost perfectly matched — all the same size. It’s quite interesting. No turkey noodle soup around here — the choice this year was a smoked turkey breast. It was delicious, and ever so much easier.

    • I think reeds, there were tons of them, and I haven’t figured out an explanation for the uniform length. If we start seeing ads for beaver-made woven place mats, we’ll know where they’re coming from.
      I love smoked turkey, and smoked meats of all kinds, Virginia hams, etc. except maybe Montreal smoked meat, which is an odd sort of pastrami, but to each their own.

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