I figured everybody’s seen a million photos of Niagara Falls, by better photographers than me!  So these are mostly snapshots of the area around the Falls, taken on Saturday.

The freezing spray glazed our coats, so they crackled when we took them off, and added layer after layer of ice to every non-moving object in the area, making a walk kind of tricky, but it’s always very interesting and beautiful to visit the Falls in winter.  Until your blood begins to jell, of course.

1,2 = Coin-operated binoculars, coated with ice and turned into friendly-looking robots.

3-6 = Trees and shrubs covered with ice on Goat Island, in the middle of the Niagara River, and the American side of Falls.

7-13 = getting toward dusk, near Horseshoe Falls, on the Canadian side.  The Falls are illuminated with colored spotlights.

I hope everybody out there has a wonderful New Year’s, and best wishes for a peaceful, happy 2018.


Xmas lights reflected in the ice


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Pictures of Upstate New York/Upper Canada. December. Niagara Falls.


42 thoughts on “Pictures of Upstate New York/Upper Canada. December. Niagara Falls.

    • We’ve never been so happy to see a Starbucks and hot coffee! But I never get tired of the Falls, any time of the year. I had to look up pareidolia, and now I’d like to read about that, it’s fun to have an image swim into focus, and it reminded me of that Russell Crowe movie, “A Beautiful Mind” — I remember he was seeing patterns in random data, although I think it turned out to be part of his delusion.


  1. I’m glad you mentioned Ernie. I was looking and looking at those faces, and I knew I’d seen them somewhere. I can’t help smiling when I look at them ~ they’re just so darned cute.

    My favorite photos are the next two, of the trees, and that closeup of the railing curlique. I was surprised by the mention of a casino, though I suppose I shouldn’t have been. Now that they’re proposing putting more cell towers into national parks and wilderness areas, it’s going to be “there goes the neighborhood” elsewhere, too. The thought really irritates me; I need to learn more about it.

    I’m with you on not enjoying the ice-scraping and shoveling, but winter can be a beautiful sight. I ended up being out and about in both snow and sleet this morning, and this afternoon, when I went over to one of the marinas, there were icicles on the dock boxes and sailboat rigging. I laughed at that, too. They’re just so incongruous. We had more sleet and snow tonight, but it’s not going to accumulate. Up in Austin, they apparently had enough ice to coat some roads; I read reports of accidents, of course, and one death. We really don’t know how to deal with it down here. Of course, ice can sneak up on you — except at Niagara Falls, I suppose!

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    • There’s casinos on both sides of the river.
      The American one is run by the Seneca tribe.
      Until recently, the only casinos in NY were run by Native Americans, but now we have 5 or 6 non-Indian ones, and here’s a surprise, one of the newest is very near my village! Haven’t been in it though.
      There’s a lot of ticky-tacky amusements on the Canadian side, almost like a permanent county fair, but the Canadians also have some beautiful gardens, and farther down the river, a botanical garden with a butterfly greenhouse, that I think is two aces!
      The American side has a preservation code, so other than a couple of park buildings, it’s woods and parks.
      I’m back in Boston, or I’d be right back there this weekend,
      A year or two ago, Florida had a cold snap like this and I heard there were iguanas falling out of the trees everywhere.

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      • I have a friend who’s had the experience of falling inguanas in her backyard. Her photos were hilarious. She said you had to be careful, because a few people got hit by them when they fell.

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      • That might be tough to explain your concussion to your insurance company!
        I had a pet gecko for over ten years when I was a kid, and think iguanas are pretty nice, too – – I’m hoping people scoop them up and thaw ’em out inside!


      • They do — at least, my friend would. She generally didn’t take them inside, but she had a little room outside room she kept lightbulbs in for her tropical plants, and she’d tuck them in there.

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    • The ice does so many interesting things, it’s fun to walk around this time of year. We were all dressed pretty warmly, and there were a surprising number of visitors. I’m back in Boston, or I’d go back this weekend, after another week of ice accumulation. Didn’t take nearly enough pictures, the spray kept getting on the lens, no matter which way I faced, and then freezing. A few years ago, there were horizontal icicles on all the street lights, but I didn’t have a camera.


  2. Horizontal icicles, that’s serious. It is quite a spectacle though, and I can’t blame you for saying you’d be right back there if you were closer. I’m sure you’ll find a few visual treats in Boston, too, just not quite so intense!

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    • Thank you! Really appreciate a compliment from a photographer. I’m used to cold, it’s the spray from the Falls that makes it a bit tough. But it’s really a great place to visit in winter, seriously! If I was home, I’d be back there this weekend.

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