Hello from Boston, Massachusetts, Winter Wonderland!

I haven’t posted any pictures from this town yet.

So I thought I’d send a few cellphone photos, from where we’re holed up,

above the snow line and away from the wolves, atop the Hancock Building.

We’re OK up here for now — we have 7 cans of Sterno, 4 boxes of Saltines, and a whole crate of Ovaltine.

Above is a shot of residents fleeing Boston on snowshoes, over the rooftops.  That’s Quincy Market to the left.

In the next picture, I think the mound at the bottom is the dome of the Statehouse.



I took a few more pictures from the sledge, when the Lyft dogsledder picked us up.

Here’s the Castle at Park Plaza (on Columbus Avenue)


And the entrance to my subway stop on the MBTA line



And a new advertisement for the ferry to Hingham


Dairy aisle in the Whole Foods store.


“Looking for the Bus Stop, Friday Night”


Heck, I’m from Upstate New York – no worries.

They warned me the Yankees were a bit on the cool side, and a bit of weather doesn’t bother me.

So long for now!  Keep warm!








The old pictures are from the Library of Congress.  The engraving is by Conradus Lycosthenes (Switzerland, 1500’s) from the Wellcome Library.  The Retreat from Moscow is from the Saratov National Research State University on behalf of NG Chernyshevsky.
Those are actually New York ice crystals in the last photo, as you can probably tell – – sharp-edged, stony-hearted.





Boston, Frostbite, snow, Things to Do When Your Water Crystallizes on You, Winter

Pictures of Boston. January. The Evacuation.


30 thoughts on “Pictures of Boston. January. The Evacuation.

  1. Well, actually I’d like SOME snow down here. But we have had a colder winter so far than we had in many years before. And it’ll get colder again soon.
    But you have really been hit big time in the last few days. 😦

    • My cousin & her family in Maine have had some nights at twenty below! My hands are the only problem, really, my fingers tend to freeze up very easily. But things are going to start warming up tomorrow, and hit the forties by the end of the week, that will feel positively balmy! 🙂

      • Am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Btw, I’ve just read that temps on Mt. Washington will be down to -70. And, windchill factored in, even down to -100!!!

        • Wow! It’s hard to even imagine what that would be like! Doesn’t it seem odd that a mountain in New Hampshire, while it’s the highest east of the Mississippi, isn’t really all that far north, or all that tall (6,289′) but has such staggeringly cold temperatures?

  2. Somehow I can’t see or hear the term “Ovaltine” without thinking of the movie “Christmas Story”, and in this case thinking you’re fending off the wolves with a Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle.

    But don’t shoot your eye out.

  3. Your tags always are as good as your posts: “Effects of Frostbite on Synapses,” indeed. i laughed when I got to the dairy aisle at Whole Foods, but they’re all pretty good. What I can’t figure out is why the cover for Under The Polar Star includes the caption “The Romantic Spectacle.” That scene looks pretty spectacular, all right, but I’m not sure I’d call it romantic.

    I am glad to hear there’s some thawing on the way. We were pretty darned happy to get above freezing here — and well above, thank goodness.

  4. I am both delighted and relieved to hear you have Ovaltine, it is a necessity for survival in these extremes of weather! My only other suggestion would be to avail yourself of snowshoes. Such a practical addition to ordinary footwear in the deep snow! Ta Ta for now!

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