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Pictures of Upstate New York. January. A frozen stream in Sugar Hill Forest


40 thoughts on “Pictures of Upstate New York. January. A frozen stream in Sugar Hill Forest

  1. pinklightsabre says:

    They remind me of mushroom shapes in some views, or the cover of a ’70s Prog Rock album (namely Yes). Lovely, and thanks for sharing! Happy winter to you and yours!

    • I love ’70’s album art, when I was in high school, I covered a wall of my bedroom with albums like that, Jethro Tull, Madness, etc. they had some great artwork.
      The weather is a lot less brutal this weekend, feels almost like spring. Happy Post-Solstice, we’re already 3 weeks past the nadir, more sun every day

  2. It’s mushroom ice! 😉 I am caught between envying your dramatic subject matter and feeling grateful for our consistently above freezing temperatures. Between a rock and a hard place, but with your photos to look at, it’s not uncomfortable at all. 😉

  3. The shapes in that last photo remind me of some of the old-fashioned glass ornaments we’d hang on our Christmas tree. Others remind me of bells. I wonder if they’d ring if you tapped them? Maybe you could play them, like a row of crystal wine glasses filled with different levels of water.

    I’m used to icicles that form by water dripping down. Are the unusual shapes here due partly to water from the stream also affecting the formation?

    • I’ve seen ornaments like that, love ’em, sometimes made of that mercury glass.
      I was thinking the shapes were due to variations in the water level and temperature. And the water spirits, of course.
      The streams have a very musical sound, sometimes, running under the ice. In that glass museum, in Corning, they were playing music from glass armonicas, which have a great, aethereal sound, in fact, some versions of the instrument have crystal bowls. I’ve run into people playing these, once in Philly, and once in Boston, right across the street from Paul Revere’s house.

    • Yes! I hadn’t thought of that, but that’s the best comparison so far. I still see those, once in a while, on abandoned poles along the old RR beds, that are now biking trails. Usually the local kids shimmy up and get them, or take them out with their .22’s.

    • It’s funny, I’ve been around snow and ice almost every winter of my life, but the past two years, it just seems like there’s been all these interesting formations and patterns. Maybe it’s just learning to slow down and look more closely.

        • Oh, way back in the 1970s when I used to go to antique markets and buy old postcards. Originally I bought them not for the image on the front but for the writing on the back – to me that was like stepping into someone else’s life, reading a stranger’s words to another stranger. Then I began noticing the imagery and buying them for that. Also I’ve a lot of family photos some of which are antique.

  4. Pretty cool ice shapes. I don’t believe I’ve seen ice do that particular thing. I enjoy it all the more since I’m sitting inside with my puppy on my lap, not clambering through frozen brush! I did a lot of that in years past…

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