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How to make a shining ball

A Guest Post by Miroku

Hello –
Once a year or so, I “re-blog” a post. I’d like to introduce Miroku, a blogger from Japan, who writes about many interesting and vital issues of our day.

Japanese English diary

Today, I have a good news.
I discovered the way how to make a wonderful thing.
Moreover, it is very easy.
I will introduce it.

It needs few things.
The things we have to prepare are cling wrap and sandpaper.
That’s all.

Firstly, roll cling wrap into a ball.


Secondly, compress it very strongly.


Finally, only one step remains to be done.
Polish it with sandpaper.
Polish single‐mindedly.
Polish! Polish! Polish! Polish!
After a while, we’ll be rewarded with this creation.


And it’s very beautiful!
It needs a few times but it is very easy.
Let’s try it!

I received some opinions.
They say “I can’t do it well”.
So I give you a tip.
The key to the success is “Don’t give up polishing”.
Keep polishing and check a calendar.
And you will find an answer.

(Please point out my mistakes in English grammar or my life. I…

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11 thoughts on “How to make a shining ball

  1. This reminds me of another of my favorite stories.

    A craftsman lived in Italy during the rule of the House of Medici.

    The man spent his days working in a studio where huge bronze doors were cast. His job was the last step in the creative process – polishing and burnishing their glorious detail. Day after day he stood, rubbing and rubbing with his soft cloth until the doors fairly gleamed. One day, a visitor to the studio watched him labor through an entire morning, certain he would tire. As the hours wore on, the man showed no sign of exhaustion and no inclination to stop work.

    The visitor finally asked, “How do you know when you’ve completed the job?” “That’s easy enough,” replied the man with the cloth. “They take the door away.”

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