Finger Lakes, FLX, Nature, NY, Upstate New York

Rip Van Winkle Chair


30 thoughts on “Rip Van Winkle Chair

  1. I must admit I’m happy I got a different chair for my office yesterday. On the other hand, when I think how much time I spend here in front of the computer, it’s a wonder I’m not growing moss all over myself. 😀

      • Over the weekend I discovered a dog-eared copy of Washington Irving short stories in a stack of old books in my upstairs and so I’ll read Rip Van Winkle. Btw, on Saturday while I was people-watching in front of a coffee shop of the city’s Queen Anne Hill neighborhood, a fellow unlocked his bicycle and rode off. He was wearing a backpack with a prominent patch featuring the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the yellow and black threw me off at first…….

  2. Poor Mr. Van Winkle. He clearly was feeling his age when he got up and ripped the other arm from the chair. Even the nails couldn’t keep that from happening — that wood’s been sinking back into the woods for a long time!

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