Some people say “husks” for the outer layer, but I was struck by how these looked like ships, sailing across the moss.

So it had to be “hulls.”

I’m now on the lookout for leaves that look like barques.

Finger Lakes, FLX, Nature, Ships, Upstate New York

Nut Hulls. Walks in the Finger Lakes. Late Afternoon, October.


41 thoughts on “Nut Hulls. Walks in the Finger Lakes. Late Afternoon, October.

  1. Your shell pieces do look like little ships. The American Heritage Dictionary gives the meaning of Middle English hol, from which modern hull derives, as ‘husk.’ The same dictionary says husk appeared in Middle English, probably from Middle Dutch hūskijn. That diminutive of hus, the Dutch relative of English house, meant ‘little house, core of an apple.’

  2. Love that photo! Yes, they do look like ship hulls. Around here, we have trees that look like something Dr. Seuss or Fritz Frieling conjured up–with fuzzy moss and curving vines/trunks.

  3. There’s another, quite real, nautical/nut connection. Before modern non-skid additives had been invented for the decks of boats, finely ground walnut shells were added to coatings to help the sailors keep their footing. Today, the ground hulls have fallen out of favor for the decks of hulls, but they’re still available, and I know people who keep them around for projects like this.

    All that aside, I love the photo. I’d love to set sail in one of those hulls; the photo reminded me of the Owl and the Pussycat, who had quite an adventure in a boat of their own.

  4. There is some barque (bark?) that peels off trees that can end up looking leaf-like. Madrone, Paperbark Maple, maybe even Birch or Aspen. Come to think of it, there are (were?) birch barque canoes…

    • Thank you, Val. I’m really pleased this photo suggested “The Owl and the Pussycat” to Linda, and “The Jumblies” to you – both Edward Lear! I think the nuts were hickories – – very delicious, but very hard to crack. It also seemed like a record year for acorns – – they’ve really been raining down, in much greater numbers than usual, and just carpeting the ground.

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