An early Halloween post.



All Hallow’s Eve in the Forest


27 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Eve in the Forest

  1. That first image struck me as looking particularly like a spook (in the conventional way we represent them). On the other hand, you seem to have had negative feelings about it, judging from your fourth picture.

  2. The third photo reminds me of the way we used to make ‘binoculars’ with our fingers, then scan the horizon to see what we could see. We never saw much, but I can imagine that creature scanning the woods and asking, “Whooooo goes there?”

  3. nwrosehistorians says:

    Hi Robert, I ran across your blog while researching online for a project. In the late 1850s until after the Civil War my family lived in the Finger Lakes region so I am glad to see your lovely photographs of the area. I am asking permission to use several of the vintage Memorial Day postcards on your site. I am curating an exhibit about Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War for a history museum in the state of Oregon where I live. Your image scans are excellent and the variety in your postcard collection superbly outpaces mine. Please let me know if this is ok with you. Thanks.

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