my hometown barbershop


a cellphone shot from my hometown barbershop


You may want to clear any small kids from the room before reading on.

My hometown barber, Eddie, is one of the nicest guys you can imagine.

The shop has three chairs, but his father and older brother are gone now, so it’s not as busy as it was years ago.

The front window is filled with tomato plants, which continue to produce fruit all winter, somehow.ย  And there’s a lot of fishing and bowling trophies.

And it’s always neat as a pin, so when I received this shocking photo, or at least, a photo of a shock of hair on the floor, I was shocked.

I’d forgotten!ย  Every year, once the Xmas season is over, one of Eddie’s friends stops by, a semi-pro Santa Claus actor.

He got a flat-top and trim, but will then start growing out his beard and hair all over again, only 342 days to go folks.



40 thoughts on “my hometown barbershop

    • Thank you Kristen. I think that floor is there a long time. Nothing ever changes in the shop, except he won a new TV set in a drawing, but the new one is locked on the weather channel just like the old one

      • I’d bet you the floor goes back to c.1960. When my folks built our new house, the basement was fitted out as a sort of rec room. The floor had that same kind of tile, except ours was black and pink. It wasn’t vinyl, exactly, but a kind of early, rubbery tile. My dad thought it would last forever, and it looks like it’s doing just fine in the barber shop.

        • I think you’re absolutely right, Linda. The shop is from the ’50’s, but later on, they enclosed the front porch, when the boys got out of the army, to make room for two more chairs, and I’m guessing that’s when the floor tiles went down.

  1. The barber shop, an American icon, but also an endangered species. Thanks for giving it space in your blog, Robert, and have a great Sunday,

  2. You can’t keep a secret like this from the kids.Otherwise they’ll think Santa is really Billy Gibbons. He’s got to get a trim but it should be by Ma Claus.
    I haven’t gone to a barber in years, do it myself. But I learned a lot of stuff as a kid at the barber’s shop…most of which my mother didn’t want me to know. Maybe Santa getting a trim was one of those forbidden topics.

    • Well I guess in a red suit, he’d be a sharp dressed man, but if I saw that ZZ Top guy going toward my chimney, I’d keep a fire burning all night.
      Not a lot of locker room/barbershop talk in Eddie’s place, people like to take their kids there, people mostly talk about fishing, bowling, who’s died recently, etc.

  3. I’ve been sitting here trying to imagine Santa with a flat-top. It’s like trying to imagine the elves on a bowling team, or Mrs. Claus making avocado toast instead of sugar cookies. Sometimes, the day-to-day lives of the glitteratti aren’t as glamorous as we think!

  4. melissabluefineart says:

    What is hilarious to me is my visceral reaction to that photo. “OH NO!” screamed my inner child. ๐Ÿ˜€

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