What a difference a day makes.

I took a snapshot on Saturday, to show what a good year the trillium are having.

And then showed the same spot, the very next day, during a little snow squall.

There was a polarizing filter on the camera, the only one I ever use, and the snow-covered plants can be seen more clearly in the photo, than by the naked eye.

The pictures could have been taken twenty minutes apart, though, that snow vanished quickly.

That’s just the way the weather is around here, in March.

Er…April, sorry.

Wait!  It’s the middle of May – – and it should be 30° by dawn tomorrow!





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Walks Around the Finger Lakes. May. Trillium & Marsh-marigold. But not Snowdrops


41 thoughts on “Walks Around the Finger Lakes. May. Trillium & Marsh-marigold. But not Snowdrops

  1. Darts and Letters says:

    Double-checking to see if we’re still in the same hemisphere (it was 88 degrees in Seattle on Saturday) or if I’ve just been wrong all this time…….

  2. The trilliums en masse are really beautiful and I love your photo. They’re a flower I never warmed to but when they’re like this, well.. it’s way different and I like them a lot!

  3. Great photos here! I can’t believe it snowed, though. In Ohio, we used to get snow in April sometimes–so disappointing, but not in May. Wow! Hope it’s nice and sunny and warm soon. Cheers!

  4. You are lucky to have all those trilliums. We do not have a single one here yet. And snow,snow,snow! Also below freezing temps every night. I’ve had it with this eternal winter. Please keep posting photos of your flowers they cheer me up!

  5. We’ve had several unusual cold fronts this year ourselves, but here (Texas Hill Country) that just means we may see the dawn temps hit 49. The trillium look a lot like our calyptocarpus, also called horse herb around here. It makes a nice ground cover with yellow flowers as long as the weather doesn’t get too hot. And if you don’t step on a bee in the flowers, of course.

    • Thanks, Charles, both of those names, calyptocarpus and horse herb, are pretty fun, although I don’t think I’ve seen that plant. I know very little about wildflowers, so I’m hoping your fellow Texans, Steve Schwartzman or Linda Leinem, see these pictures, I’m wondering if they’re run across a similar trillium called “Texas Wakerobin” that I saw when I looked this plant up.
      It looks like we’re headed for the 70’s next week, so maybe we’re finally done with the winter temps for this year.

  6. pinklightsabre says:

    Yeah talked to a guy in Ann Arbor today who said they were expecting snow. Thankfully our rain is coming back and I’ve opened all the windows so it can cool off. Bi-zarre.

  7. That sudden snowfall in May is incredible even in our part of Canada. I hope these lovely flowers did not suffer too much and will recover under the melting snow, Robert.

  8. I had no idea trilliums would do that. Because I’ve seen them only as individual portraits or in small groups — well, I just didn’t know. Your photos are wonderful. The leaf of the marsh marigold sure looks like an wet-loving plant we have here, but I can’t call it to mind just now. I’ve seen it, and may have a photo… if I ever get organized, I might even find it.

    The sixties sure sound good. The heat and humidity are rising here, and we’re almost to the time when mid-day work is highly undesirable. Some of my friends and I consider the best marker for summer the first day we start sweating, and summer’s here.

    • That patch of woods always has a good bunch of trillium, but this year was some kind of record. It was kind of funny to see them under the snow, and twenty minutes later, back to being green. I know the Gulf Coast is a long way away, but it’s always hard to believe how different the weather is, we were still freezing, and you guys were sweating. 69° will feel like a heat wave!

  9. I’ve never seen such a big batch of Trilliums, so closely packed together. And like other commenters, I wonder if we’re having the same seasons. My Trilliums have come and gone already, weeks ago.

    • Nights were still going down into the 30’s until very recently, definitely not a spring in anybody’s step around here. Now it’s getting nice.
      Yeah, that patch of woods always has a good display, and they seem to have spread, for at least a hundred feet, along the canal trail. I’m glad, because the “multiflora rose” is also all over the woods, and chokes out any flowers, etc. once it forms a dense little thicket. I kinda hate that rose at this point, and it’s thorny as all heck!

  10. Take heart, it’s coming….I think! 🙂 Seriously, that is one amazing display of trilliums. I love seeing the Marsh marigolds, too. The snow-covered trilliums are weird! Thanks for posting!

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