One of my grandmothers instilled in us a family custom, passed down from her parents, etc – – to celebrate the “first” of each summer arrival.

So, the first time you have any vegetable from the garden, for example, you’re allowed to make a wish.

When it’s fresh peas, or corn-on-the-cob, it’s also customary for me to wish for more.

These pictures are of the first cardinal fledgling I’ve seen this summer.  I really enjoy seeing cardinals, and certainly wish to see more.

The chick was sitting in a bush, looking a bit disgruntled, but she was the one who violated the stay-at-home order.

Apparently it’s quite common for young cardinals to attempt to fly prematurely.

No worries, the parents will continue GrubHub services, to feed the chick until it can fly.

Although I think it’s sunflower seeds, not actual grubs.




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First visitor of summer


34 thoughts on “First visitor of summer

  1. It’s a cardinal, all right, and your photos are splendid! There might be one or two more in the bushes. A couple of years ago, I saw three fledglings leave the nest at the same time, and then scatter. Those poor parent birds about wore themselves out trying to keep them fed after herding them into some safer spots.

  2. melissabluefineart says:

    Awww! I’ve never seen one either. The adults must be very good at hiding their offspring. I had hopes I’d see a nest this spring when I saw a pair poking about in my garden but no such luck. Baby robins do that too, leave the nest before they are able to fend for themselves.
    I love the tradition of celebrating firsts.

  3. pinklightsabre says:

    I like that premise, of celebrating “firsts.” Any seemingly banal, routine celebration proves itself not banal by the sheer act of celebrating and observing…here’s to that, mate…

  4. With all the years I spent east of the Mississippi, I don’t think I ever saw a Cardinal fledgling. Until I read the text, I didn’t know what that ‘do was all about, but then it became clear. 🙂 What a sight! He/she is so comical, he almost looks like a rooster in that second photo. Charming!

  5. “No worries, the parents will continue GrubHub services, to feed the chick until it can fly.” This made me laugh. Some parent continue the GrubHub even after the chicks can and do fly. Go figure!

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