I’m curious why sometimes a particular fern frond, or patch, will turn snow white, instead of brown.






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Walks Around the Finger Lakes. October, Schuyler County


27 thoughts on “Walks Around the Finger Lakes. October, Schuyler County

  1. I really really really like the orange tree within the monochrome landscape. Out of curiosity, were you influenced to try that by the photos Dina posted with her red and yellow features combined with black and white? You sure did a good job of it, yourself.

    The white fern’s amazing. I assumed when I saw it that it was done in post-processing. I’ve never seen anything like it in the few ferny places I’ve gone. There, the ferns just turn yellow, red, splotchy, or brown. It’s a curiosity, for sure.

      • Oh that’s great! I really appreciate you digging up this article, and also, finding out that it’s a natural, healthy strategy for these plants, and not some fungal infection or whatever. (You’re looking very pale, are you feeling ok?) Very interesting. It’s like somebody storing up for winter, who packs everything up, even the paint!

    • I’m so happy you liked that shot! I just tried that focal B&W editing on a whim, four years ago and liked how it came out – it was one of the first posts I did of the Finger Lakes region, some shots from Howland Island.
      The white ferns weren’t editing trickery, however, I just see them once in a while that way

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