This old Beetle has been rusticating in a back field so long, a tree is growing out of it.

Just for fun, below is a “Woodstock Reunion” version.







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19 thoughts on “Kaputt

  1. George says:

    Going back to its roots. Branching out. Turning over a new leaf. Sorry, I’ll stop. Great image. Both versions. They both look like album covers but for different bands.

  2. Darts and Letters says:

    Oh geez, that’s pretty cool. My boys watched The Love Bug (with Herbie) last year and I don’t think I’ve ever heard them laughing harder at a movie maybe except for Groundhog Day. There’s a tree on Vashon Island here (southwest of Seattle out in the Sound) that had a bike inside of it and I sure always wanted to get a picture of it through my own viewfinder but apparently the bike is now nearly swallowed up by the tree and isn’t nearly as cool as it used to be.

    • The one from the ’60’s where the Beetle split in half? Yes! fun movie. My granddad did some work for the remnants of some oldtime movie co. in NYC, I remember him saying he’d run into Buddy Hackett (he was from Brooklyn) a couple times, and what a nice guy he was.

  3. I prefer the natural photo over the Woodstock version, but I must say I really like that first photo. No matter the circumstances, there’s just something about those VW beetles that seems perky and unconcerned, and you captured that perfectly.

  4. That’s pretty amazing, Robert, and the Woodstock version is fantastic. Maybe I already told you about the 1970 bug my ex had, the one with a hole straight through the floor, where I could watch the road rush by at my feet. But of course, it always started up. If it had an end like this, that would be perfect.

  5. Although I did not attend Woodstock, I was definitely of that reality at the time so your “Woodstocked” version is reminiscent. And despite what you might imagine, I never uttered the words “Wow, the colors”. 🙂
    Despite the age of some of the spots I hike, I’ve only found one abandoned and rusting car, an old topless Triumph that also had a tree, albeit a very small one, growing out of it.

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