Cellphone snap of two pine trees, looking just as cold as me.

It’s black & white, but this is the time of year I really appreciate pines, for a bit of green.

Evergreens, when it’s ever snowy, ever gray skies, ever blue fingers, ever red noses.




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February — two pine trees


20 thoughts on “February — two pine trees

    • I’m not sure of the total, Neil, but we must be about the same. I know we got a foot in one snowstorm, the first week of February, and then 22 inches a week ago. and nothing ever melts around here, so it’s really piling up. but I didn’t realize that Philly had gotten that much

  1. Darts and Letters says:

    Cool. The background distinctly reminds me of a cog railway, maybe like the one going up Mt. Washington (which I’ve never been, except for one here in the Cascades that’s kind of mangy with logging roads leading to the top). Milwaukee have any sledding hills in town to speak of, that you’ve seen? This is neat. I couldn’t of taken this picture. I’ve got an old phone with a battery that goes down twenty percent every minute when I step out in the cold, pretty darn useless. My youngest calls his grandma (across the lake from you) during lunchtime every day. This morning it was howling and snowy there. It’s interesting how the weather parallels or diverges on opposite sides of the lake. you better wrap a muffler around those synapses until the weather warms 🙂 Funny, I never heard of mufflers for the longest time except in old storybooks about wintertime.

    • Yeah “muffler” sounds like Dickens-vintage – -I saw an old picture of one of my aunts, as a little girl, dressed up for church I think and she had a muff, there’s another antique winter item.
      I’ve been on a couple cog RRs, pretty cool, and driving from NY to WI, stopped in Johnstown and Pittsburgh, and went up (s-l-o-w-l-y) a couple of those old “inclined planes” – -just big platforms they winch up a hill, with a few cars on them. I guess they’re from when cars didn’t have enough horsepower to get up the big hills they have in western PA. Yes, there’s some good sledding spots around town, and toward the lake, but it’s been too darn cold, this week it’s warming up and should be good sledding weather.

  2. I’m a complete fan of isolated trees in a landscape, and this is a wonderful variation on that theme. Snow makes such a great canvas, and I really like the way the trees are just slightly canted in the same direction of the fence. It feels like a good title would be, “It’s all downhill from here.”

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