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February – – a bench


18 thoughts on “February – – a bench

  1. Darts and Letters says:

    for me a bench needs a back otherwise it’s just a step stool, a place to tie my shoelaces. There’s officially no snow here, the last tiny dirty little pile in our backyard melted, yesterday. This picture will have to suffice, for me. Do you go for a lot of walks out in the snow? I’m trying to think of how I would get any exercise if I lived in Milwaukee or Michigan. One of my little sisters got a treadmill and she stuck it in the garage of her townhouse but it’s so cold out there, they have to put blankets and space heaters on it. It seems like they’d be better off just jogging through the snow drifts, they could even do some freezy up downs Happy Tuesday, Robert.

    • Hey Jason
      Happy Tuesday to you
      I agree, benches need backrests. It’s been too cold to get out much lately so I spent most of the past two weeks holed up inside. It’s a balmy 44 today.
      The treadmill seems like a good idea, I’ve been walking the stairs in my apartment

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