Time for Old Man Winter to make tracks & beat it. 

Nature, snow, Winter

Late Afternoon, Late Winter


22 thoughts on “Late Afternoon, Late Winter

  1. Strong shadows and light:
    A photo’s delight.

    I just heard birds chirping and our clocks will jump (or be pushed) ahead an hour six days hence, so Old Man Winter will soon yield to Maiden Spring.

  2. Yes! I second that emotion! We are getting warmer weather this week. I hope it will get rid of the ice. I’m tired of having to put on crampons just to get out of the car and walk into the barn or out to the paddock to get Biasini.

  3. When I looked at your photo, the word that came to mind was ‘rivulets.’ The reappearance of rivulets recalls their occasional source in springs; let’s hope Spring starts flowing soon!

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