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Walks Around the Finger Lakes. March, spring thaw.


18 thoughts on “Walks Around the Finger Lakes. March, spring thaw.

  1. Is this a recent photo, Robert? If so, like us here in Canada in the Interior of BC, you still have a long way to go before Spring arrives. Great photo in spite of the chill in the air!

  2. I’ve always liked the way melting snow creates soft edges. Here, those snowy margins make a nice contrast with the sharper ice in the middle of the the brook. If we get another February like our last one, I hope it comes with more snow and less ice, so it will be easier to take to the outdoors.

    • Yes, I always watch out for those soft edges along the tops of ravines, although if the slope isn’t too steep or rocky, it’s fun to step out on them and make a mini-avalanche and slide down the side. I hope the next time you get a wintry blast, it’s nice soft snowfall and not ice.

    • I used some of those hand-warmer chemical packets, that you shake to start the reaction, and stuck them in my gloves, that helped. Still going down in the 20’s at night around here, but we’re getting there, little by little.

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