Finger Lakes, FLX, Upstate New York, Waterloo

Organic advertising ~~ Spreading the word


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    • Thank you, Liz, I love anything with gears on it. This is a farm in my hometown, and they make amazingly good cheese. You can stop by and talk to the owner, Tom Murray, who’s very engaging, and meet the cows in person.

        • Mr. Murray is a great guy, he fixed up a big barn and has live music in the barn, and his own line of locally-made wine, too. He started with standard types, English-style cheddar, Gouda, etc. but now has lots of types, dill, scallion, blue, etc. The wine tour buses stop there now, I think he’s getting to be pretty well-known.

  1. I followed up and found this: “Muranda Cheese Company features the finest in cows milk raw and pasteurized cheeses. Their most sought after varieties include British Cheddar, Red Buddy, and Gouda, as well as 10 other varieties not commonly found in the Finger Lakes, but whose bold, full flavors you’d expect to come from this region.” I’d gladly book a tasting if I were in the area. Have you sampled their cheeses?

  2. Darts and Letters says:

    This is a long way from ride control, air conditioning and stereo speakers. I bet the cabs on the new big tractors even have USB ports, now, huh? My grandpa had mostly nearly century old equipment on his farm but he did have one piece of relatively modern machinery…..the manure spreader. I think it was a New Holland. It was pretty cool looking, even kind of scary in the back. It was always rather entertaining to me as a kid to see it flinging, catapulting crap. I liked the way the field looked, after.

    • The Amish are still using little horse-drawn ones like this, and generally it’s not bothersome. and kind of fun to see everything getting kicked up into the air. The modern liquid lagoons are something else, that can be just overwhelming. One of the non-Amish, large livestock farms just had a problem with one of those huge pits, and about 100,000 gallons went into a brook that feeds into Cayuga Lake. That brook also flows through the “Great Gully” that’s the traditional heart of the Cayuga tribe’s territory.
      I will say, it would be a blast to drive those huge AWD Steiger tractors, some even have 4 sets of caterpillar treads and look like something the hero would drive in a end-of-the-world survival movie.

  3. When I saw this picture I had to wonder, who cut the cheese?

    The only cheese “farm” I’ve been to is for Tillamook Cheese, which I think is a cheese factory for many of the farms in Tillamook county. I think they’ll pretty well know – have you heard of them? (And their ice cream is excellent…)

    • Hi Dave – Great minds etc. – Tom Murray, the owner of that farm, had T-shirts printed up “I Cut The Cheese” I think I’ve heard of Tillamook, because you mentioned it in some context. Probably they don’t allow it to be imported to Wisconsin, this state is #2 in dairy, behind California now, and that stings. The state police have roadblocks along the state line, and sniffer dogs to check for illicit Roquefort and Stilton.
      It’s hard on the dogs, I got stopped one time when a German Shepherd mistook my suitcase full of dirty socks for LImburger.

      • I always buy Tillamook cheese for general use. It’s really quite good, and certainly beats any of the stuff produced by better known names. I tried their ice cream, and just didn’t like it. I’m not sure how ice cream could be too creamy, but that’s how I remember it.

        You’ve reminded me of the great butter wars that took place between Iowa and Minnesota. I have a friend whose family were butter-runners. Maybe I should repost that story. It’s a good one.

  4. Old farm equipment is standard yard decoration up in the hill country. I don’t see so much of it down here, but I always enjoy coming across it. I suppose it’s all those tractor shows I went to as a kid. It’s interesting to see which companies were favored in different areas, and how they used color to help ‘advertise’ from the field. If you saw green and yellow on the horizon, you knew you were seeing John Deere. Red was Allis-Chalmers, and so on.

    Everyone should have friends with tractors! (You can take the girl out of the country, etc.)

    • Thanks Linda, that’s a fun little tune. All those machines in the pictures looked familiar, except for White, I don’t remember ever seeing that brand. Looked it up and that company was only 90 miles from here, probably I’ll see them when I see more of Wisconsin farm country.
      As there’s more Amish around NY year by year, sometimes I hear about them buying or borrowing the yard decorations and putting them back to use.

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