A disintegrating old barn, leaning six ways to Sunday.

I like the hand hewn beams & weathered wood on old barns, and this had the right stuff, but right angles, not so much.  Nothing was entirely straight or plumb.

The light coming through the boards looked like some sort of coded message to me, but the first person I showed this to, saw a cityscape at night.


Finger Lakes, FLX, photography, Upstate New York

Old barn at the end of the day


33 thoughts on “Old barn at the end of the day

    • Yes, I don’t think that would’ve ever occurred to me, it’s always interesting and fun to see what pops up in everyone’s mind, looking at the same pattern or image.

  1. Yes, a cityscape in an old barn. I just shot an old silo that is in distress but not as far gone as yours.
    In trying to find the origin of the phrase, it seems that “six ways to Sunday’ can be any chosen number although six is the most used. Maybe someone misspoke and meant “six days to Sunday” and it took off from there?

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