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Good news on the fashion weather front


Woolly Bears are of course the most reliable forecasters of the coming winter.

The broader the black band, the tougher the conditions will be.

So I was darn pleased to see this fellow, telling us it will be a really mild season.

I was thinking about what to call our little furry weather predictors.

I guess you could call them “palmists” because we like to gently pick them up, and hold them in our palms, to see them roll themselves into a ball like a tiny hedgehog.

But we couldn’t say “soothsayers,” because they never say anything.

They communicate their predictions by how they’re dressed.  Not such a crazy idea – if the weatherperson on TV appears in hipboots & sou’wester, it’s pretty easy to interpret, just like the woolly bears, so we might need a a word for this.

Someone predicting warm weather, by wearing stripes, you could go with SeersuckerSoothShow-er.

But HypothermiApparelAugur is too clunky, as is ClothClairvoyanGlacé. 

Snowsuit Sibyl isn’t too bad.

Meteorlogifashionista is my best effort, trips right off the tongue, doesn’t it.

Please let me know if you come up with something good!


32 thoughts on “Good news on the fashion weather front

  1. I, for one, welcome our new Wooly Bear overlords… especially if they can predict the weather!

    Also, I have read elsewhere on the interweb that their fur can be used to make coats… bad news for the animal fur trade, I suppose, but good news for the Vegans!

    • Haha that’s the spirit, Dale. Not really sure how they’ll communicate their orders, I guess they’ll evolve into bar codes. Was there an estimate on how many you need for a coat? I guess the great thing is you don’t need to kill anything, just get them trained to hang on to your sweater.

  2. Sadly I can’t top meteorologifashionista. We lost our favorite evening news forecaster recently. Craig was quite a dresser and on top of that he introduced “Paws with Craig”, a new cute pet photo that he showed at the end of each broadcast. . Now you’ve made me cry.

  3. Well, there was the Hippy-Dippy Weatherman, so maybe the caterpillars could become the Woolly Bully Weathercrawlers. Instead of a news feed across the bottom of the tv screen, we could have the WB Weathercrawlers make their way across the screen to the sounds of Woolly Bully, and the audience could figure out the forecast for themselves by the way the Woolly Bears were dressed.

  4. pinklightsabre says:

    I like “Wooly Bears “ best somehow. But the Sibyl one is good too. Sigh, hope you’re enjoying the changing seasons and getting your camera out for some good weekend day hikes mister! I look forward to seeing what you find.

      • pinklightsabre says:

        Oh no! Sorry to hear that, the not-getting-out part…thanks for the smokey note, we were basically untouched by that this year, thankfully. And man it’s been raining like hell off and on for a week now, that’s put an end to any fires in the Cascades I reckon!

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