On a recent walk, snapped a cellphone shot of the elusive Burdock Bear.

Prickly-looking but surprisingly friendly, they’ll attach themselves your coat and follow you home.




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Burdock Bear


41 thoughts on “Burdock Bear

    • Hi Thomas – I think if you hike along the pastures at the Finger Lakes Forest, you’ll run into them again. They’ve actually got very pretty blossoms, I usually think it’s thistles until I get pretty close. My grandmother’s neighbors used to dig them up in the spring, in the pasture behind her house, and ate the base of the stalks like they were artichoke hearts, but I’ve never tried that. I was just in Iowa a few days ago – went to Waterloo on kind of a whim.

    • Oh yes I will come clean and admit this was an impromptu art project, stopped to drink some water and there wasn’t enough snow to work with, and burdock isn’t all that scratchy really, fun to use 👨🏼‍🎨

    • Thank thank you Jean and best wishes for the new year to you too!! The bear is an example of my advanced modeling skills, I wanted to make a snowman but there was hardly any snow around so I made this creature instead ☃️🐻😊

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