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Ten degrees and the fern is totally unimpressed.


31 thoughts on “Ten degrees and the fern is totally unimpressed.

          • pinklightsabre says:

            Yup, been there many times and one of my favorite places to visit in the area. There’s also a Mauch Chunk road that goes through Allentown, Whitehall, Bethlehem. I miss those country roads and farmlands, we don’t have that really in the PNW. But out here we have towns with names like Sequim, Snohomish, Hamma Hamma, and so on.

  1. That’s a great photo, and really astonishing to me. It makes sense, I suppose — a more extreme form of snow providing a blanket for plants — but when I read your comment about them making their own antifreeze: well, it stopped me cold.

    It’s interesting that the ice can suppress damage, keeping the fern from being depressed. No need to repress the winter season when ferns have no need to egress!

  2. Darts and Letters says:

    This reminds me I’ve had some frozen spinach in the freezer, for quite awhile. I’m feeling iron deficient, it might be time. however, I’ve been told it would be cruel and unusual punishment to serve it to anyone except for myself.

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