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Walks Around Wisconsin. First Spring Blossom above the 42° Parallel North




Well, I don’t really expect I’ve fooled anyone!

Yes, I took a bit of latitude with the title, and need to backpetal – – it’s not a real blossom of course.

I sliced the stem off the top of the last acorn squash from last fall’s harvest, and it just struck me, how much it looked like a daisy.

Around here, it’s still dropping below freezing every night, and probably down into the teens by next weekend.

But we had some warm weather over the past weekend, and we’re getting ready for some flowers and green leaves.

Hope springs eternal, even if it has to jump over the snowdrifts.





33 thoughts on “Walks Around Wisconsin. First Spring Blossom above the 42° Parallel North

  1. It looks like a delicious cookie. You could have fooled me with a cookie title. All in all, a pleasant post, considering the winter weather you are still experiencing in your neck of the woods, Robert.

    • Thank you, Peter, that’s a great idea, a pretty and tasty-looking “spritz” cookie.
      It hasn’t been a “bad” winter here really. Perhaps we’ll have an earlier spring than usual. Superior usually has the most ice cover of any of the Great Lakes, averaging 2/3 cover, I haven’t seen a recent report, but I think this year was only 1/4.

  2. Wonderful post that made me laugh (even though I’m leaving soon for Dunedin to have dental work this arvo, it’s a miracle you got me to laugh in such circumstances). Have shared a link on twitter btw.

  3. HaHa! Nice one Robert. On the weather topic we listen to the weather on the CBC each morning and find out what it’s like at home. It is an endless cycle of rain, freezing rain, snow, more snow, gets warmer and then rains and the whole thing repeats.

    • Thanks Lynn, yeah, I was supposed to swear off using dumb puns but keep relapsing. Yes I like acorn & butternut squash a lot, sometime I’d like to try cooked squash blossoms, that sounds pretty interesting.

  4. Your squash blossom is as pretty as those made of silver and turquoise! Tastier, too. I can smell the ginger and nutmeg. Do you ever stuff them? That’s one of my favorites. I used raisins, chopped apple, pecans, dried cherries, maple syrup –whatever’s around. And butter, of course!

    • I sometimes put a little syrup, a little lemon juice and some cinnamon, but stuffing it with apples and pecans sounds great. When there’s a lot of them, I use it all kinds of ways, chop it up and toss it in a beef stew, or fry it up with onions, etc. Butternut squash too, that’s probably my favorite.

  5. Darts and Letters says:

    I’m afraid to ask if most of the snowdrifts have melted. my mom and dad are on the other side of the lake from you, right across, and last week or so, maybe the week before, I was still shocked at how brown things were there, the grass had that classic matted-down look from being covered for so long. They had good warm weather and then it’d snowed again. I always forgot how green it stays here even though it doesn’t feel like it since we still have all the leaves drop.

    But hope springs eternal!

  6. I just discovered I have an old and useless email address for you. My kinfolk finally sorted through the stamps — I’d promised them first choice. Let me know if your mailing address is the same, and I’ll ship the ones I think you’ll like to you, if you still want them. Better late than never, and all that! My email address combines varnishgal and gmail.

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