Saw this pile of leaves across the street.



A couple of swift kicks later, it looked much happier.





But all too soon, the work of art was vandalized and swept away.

The END.


Sidewalk drama in four snapshots


23 thoughts on “Sidewalk drama in four snapshots

  1. I wonder if the guy with the leaf blower noticed and appreciated that smile before he destroyed it? (Insert deep philosophical musing here.) I’m glad you managed a photo before it disappeared!

    • Thanks Linda. I figured the wind would blow the leaves away, he just helped things along. Probably hard to be philosophical with the racket from a leaf blower going on. Raking, now that’s when you’ve got time for some deep philosophical thinking! 🙂

  2. Terra says:

    I’ve seen a pile of leaves form a huge heart, right at my feet. It was especially odd because the whole day, preceding, seemed to surround heart depictions in one way or another. Which was even stranger, because I had woken up from a dream telling me to: “Look for the 5th heart.”

    • Thank you, Peter, yes a smile is always good to see. It’s a big job to rake and bag the leaves, or haul them to the compost pile, etc. but we’re allowed to play with them a bit first!

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