This was taken on an overcast day, and the leaves were obviously suffering from tar spot after a humid, hot summer, but I liked the rich color.

Pretty much the last to fall, the maples and ash trees are already bare.

Autumn, Finger Lakes, FLX, NY, Upstate New York

Walks Around the Finger Lakes – Red Oak Leaves, Tompkins County, November


20 thoughts on “Walks Around the Finger Lakes – Red Oak Leaves, Tompkins County, November

  1. Darts and Letters says:

    These are really pretty. I wish the oak trees at the bottom of our block were like these but they don’t have nice colors, at all, whatever variety they are. When my oldest used to ride the bus, we’d stand under those oaks. The leaves would just gradually turn brown and stay on the tree, all winter long. The galls would periodically nearly fall on our heads, haha. The one nice thing about those trees it would drop lots of branches. every day, one year, I’d carry a fistful of branches and drop them in a pile in my yard, to make some habitat, for birds.

    How often are you getting back to upstate New York to visit your parents, these days? is your sister’s research position (or was it a lab position? I can’t remember what you told me, exactly) in Pittsburgh going well, so far? maybe it wasn’t even Pittsburg. Some Pennsylvaina city, I though.

    • Hi Jason, yeah the huge oak next door to my parents house never turned colors that I remember I think it just turned brown. One time at a Renaissance faire, near Oswego, there was somebody selling blank books and oak gall ink, I guess what they used in the old days before they had ballpoints.
      I haven’t been back to New York for quite a while but I’m headed there for Thanksgiving. My sister is enjoying her lab job , she switched to a different kind of research project that doesn’t involve animals well now it’s humans I mean, I’ll hear more about it at T-bird Day. She likes Pittsburgh a lot, the topography creates lots of little neighborhoods and she’s met a lot of nice people. Some folks who have a house a couple blocks from her apartment have been letting her grow stuff in their garden, because they got too old to use it, so she’s still getting (2nd crop) fresh peas if you can believe it.

  2. The bits of green peeking through give this a real holiday feel. It would make a great, non-traditional Christmas card. Our oak leaves excel at dry and brown, but I’ve never seen any this colorful; I usually associate this kind of red with maple leaves. Lucky you, to have these!

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