Cellphone photo at the Albany Historical Society

Art, Sculpture, statue, stony silence, Upstate New York

Looking out the window


15 thoughts on “Looking out the window

  1. Darts and Letters says:

    Was it a good visit to the Albany Historical Society? You’ve got me wondering who this lady is. It’d be neat ot have a little bust of someone historically really important, for the bookcase. Just something small, not gaudy, in dull bronze, it might disappear on an upper shelf and be there to surprise someone snooping around to see what there is to read. Abraham Lincoln would be a good choice. Hope you had a good visit back to NY.

    • Thanks, Jason, yes a nice visit and hope your trip to Mich. was too. It’s not a big museum and kind of old-fashioned but I really like it. One big room with lots of Hudson Valley landscapes, the kind where the cows look very contented. A bust of Lincoln would be nice, I couldn’t have Washington because after four years in a college named for him, I just saw his face plastered on anything & everything. Maybe Washington Irving or Mark Twain, not super important I guess but nice to have smiling among the books.

  2. Your title brought to mind Creedence Clearwater’s “Looking Out My Back Door,” but the lady seems far too dignified for a song from that genre. The framing suggests genteel aging: appropriate for a historical society. It’s an interesting photo; I like it.

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