These bicycles are a nice bit of color in a time of brown and gray.

Along a road winding up into the hills and  the Finger Lakes Forest.

A largely agricultural area north of Watkins Glen, now being “built up” with houses, summer cottages and of course, more wineries.

And gift shops.  I’d thought macramé plant hangers were finally extinct, but turns out, they were just tangled up somewhere and have now reemerged in the world of stained glass candleholders and bracelets made from bent spoons.

Putting this photo on WP, I was thinking how, when I post these snapshots of the Finger Lakes region, or wherever I’ve been, there’s an impulse to try to show the place in a flattering light.

Sometimes the photos have been cropped to remove what seem like distractions or what strikes me as just plain ol’ ugliness.

It somehow feels almost like disloyalty to do otherwise.

But perhaps that’s my sentimental streak creeping in again and something to avoid – -not just to steer clear of kitsch and superficiality – – but also in favor of clarity and honesty.

Well…likely it’s also good to not to overthink this or take it too seriously!

Somehow this crop seemed to stick in my craw, so here’s a photo that wasn’t cropped.

A no doubt tackier scene, kind of fun and definitely a bit weirder.

Although, I think if I ran out of gas, I’d probably knock on someone else’s door, there’s just something about headless mannequins.




Finger Lakes, FLX, NY, Upstate New York

Walks Around the Finger Lakes. Schuyler County. Color Wheels.


41 thoughts on “Walks Around the Finger Lakes. Schuyler County. Color Wheels.

    • Oh oh, sorry Bill, don’t want to pick a fight with the crafty tribe. I do like sunlight or a candle flickering through stained glass, it’s just when there’s masses of them in a gift shop, makes me uneasy. I guess constantly worrying about knocking them over and breaking them.

      • pinklightsabre says:

        Ha ha yeah the macrame people are going to come out of the woodwork and they are a pretty committed people I think. Too funny.

  1. The photos are great — but that extra click is necessary to show them in all their sharp glory. I think excising the headless mannequins was a good move. I’d move on down the road myself if I saw those. There’s quirky, and then there’s verging on disturbed — especially outside of the Halloween season.

    The bicycles are great! And “wheels” brought to mind something I’ve not heard for years. It’s a bit of a shock to realize it was published sixty years ago. Still, there’s nothing better than Chet Atkins’s musically colorful version of “Wheels”

  2. Yes, I can understand why you cropped! Recently during an election the Green Party got a load of old bikes and sprayed them green for their party members to display outside their houses. Much more effective than the usual mug shot of the local candidate.

  3. I like your adjective extinct in connection with macramé plant hangers. Too bad, from your point of view, that those hangers are hangers-on. And speaking of bent spoons, I thought they went out with Uri Geller’s popularity.

    As Linda pointed out, WordPress is having one of its blurriness tantrums with your bicycle pictures; clicking to see the photographs in their own right brings back the sharpness.

    I’m all for keeping the weirdness that the headless mannequin (literally ‘little man’ in Dutch) imparts to the scene. Do you know, or can you find out, anything about who created the installation and why?

  4. Maybe the heads headed to a less creepy locale. The bikes do make for a more cheerful bit of sightseeing without the mannequins.
    I hadn’t thought about macrame plant hangers in years but I used to make my own. We have a few but bought them. Not sure I remember the knots.

  5. Too vastly different impressions are generated by those photos. It IS interesting when you think about what we crop and why. I think you should keep exploring that. Who knows what you’ll come up with? And how much you’ll edit….

    • Thanks, Lynn. I’m trying to think more when I take a picture, sometimes, and maybe learn a couple new skills, work and responsibilities permitting. And sometimes also just think less if you know what I mean, just take a picture and don’t edit at all.

      • There’s thinking and there’s spontaneity, right? It’s nice to make a photo that doesn’t need editing but it’s sad when people feel that one must always get it exactly right in-camera. Editing is fun! But yes, taking more care is a good thing. 🙂

  6. Darts and Letters says:

    I like the crop, that’s a pretty cool rendition of your original frame. It’s good to not take yourself too seriously, your sensibilities are in the right place; you know what makes a great picture. I really liked the one you took of the branches laying on the ice.

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