Finger Lakes, Nature, Things to Do When Your Water Crystallizes on You, Upstate New York

Pine bough


17 thoughts on “Pine bough

  1. That’s beautiful color, a beautifully formed branch, and a beautifully composed image. But inquiring minds want to know: Are you pining for spring, or opining on the lingering winter?

  2. Nice textures. (Although I had to click through to see a sharp copy.) I don’t think I’ve had the camera out all winter, so in terms of cool shots I’ll have to bough out of contention.

    • Thanks, Dave. I go back and fiddle with the size, sometimes that seems to resolve the fuzziness. Several times recently when I’m in edit mode, WP will not let me change the size! I have to erase the image and start over, maybe it’s the format I’ve used all these years but I like it otherwise and also I’m too lazy to change it.

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