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Welcome to the night train.


An old railway bed near Canandaigua, NY.

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Walks Around The Finger Lakes. Early November, Late Afternoon.













Flint Creek.

Just a few miles from where I grew up.

The bridge is called Stanley.

There isn’t a spectacular view.

“The Great Stanley Bridge” is really just a former railroad trestle.

It is hard to romanticize a place, when you know that on the other side of the trees, are just muddy fields full of cabbages.

But it’s a nice, peaceful spot, away from any roads, accessible only by a walking path, down an old railway bed.

These little country railways, laid down in the 1850’s – 1870’s,  didn’t have high embankments, and sometimes run through cuts, so you’re often walking a bit below the level of the fields, like those sunken lanes in England, they call holloways.

The trees and shrubs along it make a green tunnel, that’s pretty shady and pleasant on hot days, and out of the wind on cold days.




Same scene, a week later, and a bit later in the day




1850's, 1870's, Finger Lakes, FLX, hiking, NY, photography, Railroads, trains, Upstate New York

Walks Around The Finger Lakes. October. Flint Creek