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👑 Certifiable

I’ve occasionally heard older folks describe someone, unkindly, as “certifiable.”

And it was easy to figure out they meant “fit to be certified as insane.” 

But “certifiable” can mean, of course, genuine and authentic.

In the same vein – – bona fide, legitimate, hallmarked, trademarked, legitimate, etc.

And tons more, some are kind of fun to trot out – – indubitable, incontrovertible, sure-enough, pukka.

The Real McCoyGospelAll Wool and a Yard Wide. AKC pedigreed & registered.

As I read article after article about ChatGPT, it occurred to me we might want a sort of stamp or trademark for “certifiable human-made writing product.”

Like those © copyright symbols or registered trademarks®

or those crown stamps they put on crockery and pint glasses in the UK, kind of like the emoji  👑.

I think most of the bloggers I follow, won’t have any trouble establishing their bona fides, they’re all too human, er, I mean to say, so engagingly genuine and idiosyncratic.

But I worry that people might think my wandering, digressive stuff is generated by a digital randomizer with a bad motherboard.

Well it may be crap but it’s dyed-in-the-wool handcrafted crap.



Look for the CHUMWP label wherever you consume words!

Writ by my hand this day fourteenth February