New York State has decided to allow a “Holiday Deer Hunt” (seriously).

Seems like a great way to promote the great outdoors, alfresco Nativity and peace & goodwill to all.

If you’re not a hunter,

looking forward to some family time and a walk in the winter wonderland,

a snowmobile jaunt, a cross-country ski trek

we have some new slogans:

Not just Icy, Pretty Dicey!

See Some Wildlife?  Duck!

Nothing says holiday cheer like shooting a deer.


And here’s an old Chuck Berry tune for the new festivity.



Billboard’s S’Hot 100, Number Six with a Bullet



Out of all the reindeers you know you are the mastermind

But run, run Rudolph, hunters ain’t too far behind

Run, run Rudolph, Santa’s gotta make it to town

Santa, wear an orange vest and you’d better keep your head well down.

Run, run Rudolph ’cause they’re loaded up and shootin’ all around


Said Santa to a boy child, “What have you been longin’ for?”

“All I want for Christmas is a semi-auto BAR.”

And then away went Rudolph whizzin’ like a shootin’ star


Run, run Rudolph, you’re called fair game in this town

Santa, make him hurry, we don’t want your sled shot down


Run, run Rudolph, I just heard a .30-06 round

Run, run Rudolph, the Grinch has got a compound


Santa, make him hurry, tell him we all got guns and beer,

Run, run Rudolph, I’m strappin’ on my bandolier.


Said Santa to a girl child, “What would please you most to get?”

“A little baby doll with crossbow or Barbie with a bayonet”


And then away went Rudolph, zippin’ up his Kevlar vest

‘Cause we leave the house without a rifle, we just feel undressed.


Run, run Rudolph, gotta make it to town

Santa, make him hurry, tell him he better stay in the mall

Run, run Rudolph we don’t want your antlers on the wall.


apologies to Chuck Berry

NY is not only allowing deer hunting until New Year’s, they’re also allowing hunting for a half-hour after sundown – – Rudolph, with your nose so bright, you’re sure to be in someone’s sights by night.

The old Xmas postcard is from the Library of Congress

Finger Lakes, FLX, NY, Upstate New York

New York extends deer hunting season through the holidays. Run, Rudolph, Run