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OK I’ve enjoyed posting some photos for Halloween.

If you’re a “regular viewer”, thank you for indulging me, and I promise to simulate maturity for the rest of the year.

Probably posting a bit less for a while, my one-man PR campaign for Upstate New York will be on hold – –

Moving to Boston for six months, perhaps longer, starting a new job, which I expect will require total focus.

New job, new town.  Remembering lots of new names, figuring out the commute, where to get groceries.

There’s a Whole Foods across the street, expensive, and I cannot bring myself to disturb the produce displays,

it would be like vandalizing an art installation.

New language, too – – what is “scrod” and is that the same thing as “wicked pissah,” etc.

I’m looking forward to all the great museums, musical venues, and galleries.

Already learned that the Boston streets are an ironic art installation all their own, designed by M.C. Escher.

But I will, of course, continue to read everyone else’s posts, could not get by without that!  🙂



Halloween, photography

trick or treat, please go ’round to the back door





Autumn, Finger Lakes, FLX, Halloween, photography, Upstate New York

Haunted Walks Around The Finger Lakes. October. A walk in the woods on All Hallows’ Eve.







Autumn, Halloween, Nature, photography

Walks Around The Finger Lakes. Halloween. The twisted tree.








Finger Lakes, FLX, History, photography, Upstate New York

Walks Around The Finger Lakes. Halloween In The Buck Settlement Cemetery.







Halloween, photography

an incantation by moonlight



Finger Lakes, FLX, Halloween, hiking, Ithaca, Upstate New York

Walks Around The Finger Lakes. Lucifer Falls. All Hallows’ Eve ’13.