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A walk in the woods today, turned out to be a macrofungi field trip.  Still very damp, even mucky in places, after getting eight inches of rain in recent weeks.  All these pictures were taken within a few hundred feet of each other (with an iPhone 5s).








Finger Lakes, FLX, hiking, Ithaca, NY, Upstate New York

Pictures of Upstate New York. July. A Rose by any other name






Some towns to our west, in Cayuga County, have had flooding recently. Eight inches of rain over two weeks, and the woods are filled with fungus. I know little of wild mushrooms, so no one should rush out to eat this on my say-so, but I think this is what the old folks call “sheepshead”. You can get an idea of size from the oak leaf in the top right corner, of the first photo.  Kind of sloppy ground for walking, but also kind of neat.  So many fungus, almost glowing in the dim woods, it struck me that a coral reef was taking root.  While I was away last summer, there was a drought, and everyone reported on all the little streams that pretty much dried up, but they’re now going full tilt.






Finger Lakes, FLX, hiking, Upstate New York

Pictures of Upstate New York. July. Eight inches of rain


Wishing a very Happy 4th of July, to all those who believe in democracy and the ideals of the American Revolution.

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Hidey Ho, Fellow Citizens. Happy 4th of July





























Old Fort Niagara – view from the Canadian side of the river






Canada, Ontario, Quebec

Hidey Ho, Neighbor! Happy 150th Canada Day / Fête du Canada / Dominion Day / Le Jour de la Confédération


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Endless Summer ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Listening to the Beach Boys, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland.


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Summertime ~ ghost stories in the park


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another brick in the wall